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Introducing the Cavere Training Centre

Cavere have designed and developed the Cavere Training Centre to support the growing demands placed on firms and employees to learn and develop knowledge and keep on top of their continual professional development.

Increased regulatory requirements

As our product range grows along with our regulatory requirements it is important that training and competence is delivered in a way that is tailored to everyone’s needs.

Product knowledge

Whether you are bringing about contracts of insurance on an advised or non-advised basis it is still paramount that the advisor understands the product in detail.

Knowing a product in detail and thoroughly not only ensures that the customer is treated fairly and given sound accurate advice but the more confident the advisor is on the product the more confident the customer will be to purchase from you.

With the advent of the price comparison sites many customers have bought policies on the internet based predominately on price and are often unsure of the cover and exclusions they have purchased until they come to claim, by which time it is too late.

Investing in training pays

In the current economic climate it is natural for businesses to cut all discretionary costs, unfortunately this usually includes training of staff but in reality research tells us that we should be investing more in staff training. As the economy starts to recover, businesses who can offer a higher quality service are more likely to prosper.

The more confident and knowledgeable your staff are about the products they are selling the more confident the customer will be to buy from you.

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Individual learning styles

The Cavere Learning Centre allows the individual to study and test their knowledge, wherever, whenever and however suits them and their employer best.

The Cavere site supports all the latest technology and allows self-study online or materials can be downloaded for offline study. Most courses include presentations and handouts for group delivery.

How long does each course take to complete?

Most courses can be completed including the test in around 30 minutes. But there is no time limit set on study. The Product knowledge courses tend to take longer because of the detailed content involved. Each test has a limit for each attempt based on the number of questions. Most tests have between 10 and 15 questions each selected at random from a bank of questions in the system. No two tests are the same, which means they are great to come back to for refresher training.

Test your knowledge

All product knowledge courses and many of the regulatory training modules have an online multiple choice test at the end to validate the individual’s level of understanding. The tests are relatively short and take no more than 15 minutes to complete. The student can take the test up to three times to ensure they achieve the appropriate pass grade. Results are published at the end of the test.

So what does it cost?

Part of the Cavere approach is to “Facilitate Profitable Partnerships” and with this in mind there is no charge for the use of the Cavere Training Centre for all registered agents where they wish to enroll advisors on the product knowledge courses. All you need to invest is the time it takes each advisor to complete the courses.

“If we are all moving forward together then success takes care of itself” HENRY FORD