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Underwritten by Financial & Legal, the Cavere Home Emergency product is rated 5 star by Moneyfacts Group, the independent researcher of financial products.

  • Home Emergency cover is designed to provide cover following a sudden or unexpected event which if not dealt with quickly would render your home unsafe or insecure, cause further damage to your home or cause personal risk. The intention of the Home Emergency cover is to provide an engineer to complete a temporary repair to limit or prevent damage. If a permanent repair would be of a similar cost to a temporary repair, a permanent repair will be provided as long as it is within the scope of cover provided.

    Home Emergency cover is not a maintenance policy and does not cover the cost of routine maintenance in your home. Nor does it provide or cover the cost of boiler servicing and/or maintenance.

    Cover Limits

    Causes Covered Policy Limit
    Maximum Claim Limit The amount we will pay in respect of any one period of insurance shall not exceed £1,000 including VAT
    ·        Plumbing & drainage Up to maximum claim limit
    ·        Electricity supply Up to maximum claim limit
    ·        Cooking system Cooker/Oven claim limit £250
    ·        Security Up to maximum claim limit
    ·        Main heating system* Where a boiler is deemed to be beyond economical repair our liability will not exceed £500 where the boiler /appliance is up to 5 years old or £250 where the boiler/ appliance is greater than 5 years old but less than 15 years old. (only applicable where optional boiler cover is chosen)
    ·        Hot water Up to maximum claim limit (only applicable where optional boiler cover is chosen)
    ·        Lost keys Up to maximum claim limit
    ·        Pest infestation Up to maximum claim limit
    ·        Water supply pipe Up to maximum claim limit
    ·        Gas supply Up to maximum claim limit
    Excess Excess Amount
    Standard policy Excess £0
    Voluntary Excess £50

     *In order for cover to be provided for the primary heating system the homeowner must ensure the boiler is serviced annually by a gas safe engineer.

  • For Policy claims please call 0161 393 9900

    How to arrange emergency assistance

    Major emergencies which could result in serious injury to the public or damage to property should be immediately advised to the supply company and/or the public emergency services.

    The policy does not provide cover for any repairs, damage or other loss resulting from gas leaks.

    Before requesting emergency assistance, check that the circumstances are covered by your policy.

    Remember this is not a maintenance policy and does not cover routine maintenance in your home.

    If your emergency is boiler related you should have your boiler make and model and service details ready when you contact the helpline. Remember you must produce evidence to our approved engineer, that the boiler has been serviced to the manufacturers specifications within the last twelve months for primary heating system cover to apply. Primary heating system cover must also be shown as included on your schedule.

    Telephone the helpline within 12 hours of the emergency occurring and provide details of the assistance required. All requests for emergency assistance must be made through the helpline.

    Do not make any arrangements yourself without prior authorisation from the helpline, if you do we will not reimburse any costs you may incur. All calls are recorded.

    The helpline will appoint an approved engineer to attend your home, provided that this is not precluded by adverse weather conditions, industrial disputes (official or otherwise), failure of the public transport system, including the road and railway networks and repairs thereto and any other circumstances preventing access to the home or otherwise making the provision of emergency assistance impossible. The helpline and the approved engineer will have reasonable discretion as to when and how work is undertaken and this will be based on the details provided by you.

    The approved engineer will charge all costs covered by the insurance directly to us. You will be asked to pay the cost of:

    • Call-out charges if there is no-one at home when the engineer arrives;
    • Work in excess of the claim limit;
    • Fitting replacement parts or components of a superior specification than the original at your request.
  • Target Market Statement

    Home Emergency Insurance

    What customer need is met by this product?

    This product is designed to provide financial protection against sudden and unexpected events in the home which, if not
    dealt with quickly, would render the home unsafe or insecure, cause further damage to the home, or cause personal risk.
    Who is this product designed for?
    Individual and joint home owners and their families, living at the home address in the United Kingdom.

    Eligibility criteria

    Customers must:

    • Have not had insurance cancelled, refused, declined or declared void
    • Be over 18 years old
    • Have a buildings insurance policy in place

    The property must:

    • be situated within the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man
    • not be lived in by anyone other than customer and their family
    • not be left unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row
    • be a private home used for domestic purposes only
    • be of standard construction with walls of brick or stone and a roof which is not thatched
    • be in a good state of repair with a primary heating system which is in good working order.

    Who is this product not designed to support, or are there any features that you should be aware of when considering this product for your customer?

    Properties inhabited by paying guests or tenants.
    Boilers must be under 15 years old and serviced at least once every 12 months to be eligible for cover.
    Boilers deemed beyond economical repair will only be covered up to £500 where the boiler is up to 5 years old, and £250
    where it is over 5 but less than 15.
    No cover for claims where the event arises within the first 14 days of cover.
    Claims will not be covered where on attendance it becomes clear that the callout is not an emergency.

    Can this product be sold with or without advice?

    This product can be sold with or without advice depending on your preference and in line with FCA regulations.

    How can I offer this product to my customer?

    This product can be sold face to face, via telephone, or online application.

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